Corporate Charter



Our Enduring Purpose

Ø      To provide an extraordinary experience while serving others in fulfilling their home ownership dreams.


Our Future Focus

Ø      To grow our business on the basis of repeat clients and those that they freely refer to us.

Ø      To maintain a fun, positive, organized office environment centered on challenging the future and embracing change.


Our Timeless Values – Who We Are

Ø      We are a family company committed to serving all with the utmost honesty, integrity and highest level of care.

Ø      We are dedicated to the success of those we serve.


Our Guiding Principles – What We Know

Ø      Our financial success is a direct measure of the value we bring to our community.

Ø      Our inherent qualities of creativity and adaptability are ignited in anticipation of future changes in our industry and market place.

Ø      We will not always do things right, however we will always do the right thing.

Ø      We desire to be a light in our community by honoring God first, enabling us to best serve our neighbors and friends.


Our Operational Practices – What We Do

Ø      We amaze our customers, not just satisfy them.

Ø      We listen to our clients, paying attention to small detail.

Ø      We provide exemplary service, compelling our friends and clients to enthusiastically recommend us to others they know.

Ø      We are a hard working, goal centered, committed team while maintaining a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere.

Ø      We work together as a single world-class team, which is our competitive edge.

Ø      We continually upgrade our skills and systems with ongoing education and coaching.


The Promise

Ø      We promise to be true to our Enduring Purpose, make every possible effort to achieve our Future Focus and take consistent action in line with our Values, Guiding Principles and Operational Practices.