1802 - Aldergrove Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 1802 - Aldergrove 
Community Plan
 1836 - Walnut Grove Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 1836 - Walnut Grove 
Community Plan
 1842 - Official Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 1842 - Official Community Plan
 2323 - Northwest Langley Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 2323 - Northwest Langley 
Community Plan
 2475 - Brookswood Fernridge Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 2475 - Brookswood Fernridge 
Community Plan
 2527 - Fort Langley Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 2527 - Fort Langley 
Community Plan
 2556 - Gloucester Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 2556 - Gloucester 
Community Plan
 2661 - Murrayville Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 2661 - Murrayville 
Community Plan
 3008 - Willowbrook Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3008 - Willowbrook 
Community Plan
 3250 - Rural Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3250 - Rural Community Plan
 3361 - Langley Town Centre Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3361 - Langley Town Centre 
Community Plan
 3800 - Willoughby Community Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3800 - Willoughby 
Community Plan
 3911 - South West Gordon Neighbourhood Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3911 - South West Gordon 
Neighbourhood Plan
 3991 - Carvolth Business Park Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 3991 - Carvolth Business 
Park Plan
 4013 - Routley Neighbourhood Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 4013 - Routley 
Neighbourhood Plan
 4030 - Yorkson Neighbourhood Plan.pdf 
Bylaw 4030 - Yorkson 
Neighbourhood Plan
 4475 - North East Gordon Neighbourhood Plan.pdf 
4475 - North East Gordon 
Neighbourhood Plan
 Walnut Grove - Redwoods.pdf 
Walnut Grove 
Neighbourhood Plan - Redwoods
 Walnut Grove - Town Centre.pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan 
Town Centre
 Walnut Grove (Stage 1).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 1)
 Walnut Grove (Stage 3).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 3)
 Walnut Grove (Stage 4).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 4)
 Walnut Grove (Stage 5).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 5)
 Walnut Grove (Stage 6).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 6)
 Walnut Grove (Stage 7).pdf 
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan
(Stage 7)

Langley in Progress

The Langley in Progress document summarizes development activity statistics by community.  It provides the status of significant multi-family, commercial, industrial, institutional, and single family subdivision development applications.

Click here to access Langley in Progress documents stored in our Document Library.

Current Projects

Documents pertaining to the following current projects are stored in our Document Library. To access these documents, click on the project name below.

  • Agricultural Viability Strategy (AVS)
  • Carvolth Plan Update
  • Central Gordon Estate Neighbourhood Plan
  • Jericho Sub-Neighbourhood Plan
  • Latimer
  • Northeast Gordon Estate Neighbourhood Plan 208 Street Density Review

  • Building Permits and Inspections

    To ensure all proposed buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with accepted standards and codes, the appropriate permits must be issued and inspections must occur.

    Building Inspection Request

    Building inspection requests must be submitted by 3:30pm on the business day prior to the day of inspection. There are two methods available to request a building inspection:

    For more information regarding building inspections, call 604.533.6018.


    The Township of Langley supports and encourages planned, sustainable development.  To ensure conformity with community plans, regulatory bylaws, and associated municipal policies, we provide the following information related to land planning and development.

    Municipal Utilities
  • Click here to access information related to driveways.
  • Click here to access permits related to occupancy on or construction on or near a Township road.
  • Click here to access applications related to unopened roads.
  • Click here to access information related to utility service connections.
  • Click here to access the water restriction exemption permit application.

  • Overview

    Located in the centre of the lower mainland, the Township of Langley is made up of several unique, distinct communities offering everything from housing and history to business opportunities and shopping.


    Population 12,000*

    A mix of rural, residential, and business use, Aldergrove is located on the Township’s eastern border.

    It is home to the Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre, Gloucester Industrial Park, parkland, and shops. An Aldergrove Core Planning Program is being undertaken by the Township of Langley and members of the community to create a vision for the downtown’s future.


    Population 13,000*

    Located in the south of the Township, Brookswood/Fernridge is noted for its abundance of parkland, trees, natural spaces, and conservation areas. The community primarily features single family homes and is the location of the George Preston Recreation Centre, BMX bike track, skateboard park, and an array of shopping opportunities.

    Fort Langley

    Population 3,400*

    Located on the banks of the Fraser River, Fort Langley features a variety of museums, stores, restaurants, art galleries, parks, trails, and the Langley Rowing and Paddling Centre. Known as the Birthplace of BC, it is home to the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fort Langley, now a National Historic Site.

    The village is a popular spot for tourists, shoppers, and diners.


    Population 9,600*

    Amid the homes and shops, this area is the traditional civic core. Murrayville is home to the Langley Memorial Hospital, Langley RCMP Main Detachment, Langley School District offices, W.C. Blair Recreation Centre, and Langley Regional Airport.

    Rural Area

    Population 24,800*

    With approximately 75 per cent of its land located within the Agricultural Land Reserve, much of the Township lies in rural areas. Farms, agri-businesses, and homes on acreages can be found in the rural spaces that surround the urban neighbourhoods. These areas are home to wineries, equestrian centres, golf courses, and numerous parks and green spaces.

    Walnut Grove

    Population 23,900*

    Located in northwest Langley, Walnut Grove is a residential neighbourhood home to the Walnut Grove Community Centre, movie theatres, and shops. The opening of the Golden Ears Bridge connected this area of the Township to communities north of the Fraser River.


    Population 19,400*

    This northwest area of the Township is home to the Civic Facility, Willowbrook Recreation Centre, and Langley Events Centre.

    This vibrant, developing area is currently a centre of growth featuring burgeoning new neighbourhoods that provide housing, parks, and shopping opportunities.

    Demographics and Amenities

    Population (next census 2011)


    Average Age

    40.1 years

    Economic Drivers


    316 square kilometres (122 square miles)

    Area within the Agricultural Land Reserve

    75 percent or 235 square kilometres (91 square miles)

    Acres of Dedicated Park Land

    1,233 total acres of park land

    Planning and Development

    Click here to view building statistics stored in our Document Library.

    Employment Rate (next census 2011)

    Jobs available for each resident in the Township’s labour force 0.93 (2006 Census)

    * Township estimates April 2011. All other information as of December 31, 2009.